International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya, Seminar Nasional Kesehatan 2015

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Keparahan Karies Gigi Kaitannya dengan Ketidakhadiran dan Prestasi Siswa di Sekolah
Christina Ngadilah

Last modified: 2017-07-31


Introduction : About 24 million school children under 12 have several dental  problem
(Riskesdas, 2007). Patient who attendace to Puskesmas for curatif reason . Previous
research adds to the knowledge base regarding the relationship between poor general
health and school performance but does not implicate oral health. Several chronic
diseases are known to affect children,  leading to decreased quality of life. Jackson et al
(2011) found that school children miss school attendance 50 million ours per year
because of dental problem. The Aim of this study: We examined DMFT, school
attendance and performance to determine the relationship. Methode : Cross sectional
study in Reformasi Primary School  in Kupang District to see the correlation between
dental caries, attendance and performance. Total population about 149 school children.
The data was collected from DMF-t, School attendance and performance one semester
before. The data was analyzed use SPSS 17 vertion.Result : Out of total children
surveyed, 149 boys and girls. In our study we found 40,95% school children have no
caries, in Malaysia about  95,4%. Performance Treatment index was zero from 273 teeth.
We found that about 273 school children missed school days, an average  1.83 days  per
semester per children. The results showed there was significan relationship between
Caries profunda and missed school (OR = 8.12). Regretion analysis was significan
relationship between caries profunda and performance (p = 0.00; OR = 6.92).Conclution
: Those children with poorer oral health were more likely to have poor school
performance, suggesting that dental disease may adversely affect performance
independent of school absence.
Keywords :  Poor dental caries, atendance, school performance

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