International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya, Seminar Nasional Kesehatan 2015

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Faktor Risiko Yang Mempengaruhi Kejadian Berat Badan Lahir Rendah Di Kabupaten Mojokerto
Wiwit Sulistyawati

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Background:Infant mortality rate is one indicator in determining the health status of
children. Neonatal period (first 28 days of life) is the most vulnerable time for child
survival. low birth weight (less than 2,500 grams) is one of the main factors that contribute
to mortality perinatal.purpose of this study was to determine the influence of maternal
factors on the incidence of  Low birth weight in Mojokerto.Methods:This research is
observational analytical, research design used a case-control study (case-control) with
independent variable was maternal factors and the dependent variable wasl low birth
weight, the population in this study was mothers who gave birth to low birth weight babies
in Prof. .DR Soekandar Mojosari Mojokerto in the period of December 2014 through April
2015 ith a number of 48 infants in the case group and 149 infants in the control group, the
sample case 34 infants and control sampel 34 infants . Samples were taken by simple
random sampling method. Data prosesed through editing, coding, data entry, cleaning,
univariate analysis used simple logistic regresion test and multivariate analysis with
multiple logistic regression
Results: Results showed Three was influence of maternal Education (OR = 1.412; 95% CI
= 0.247-8.069), employment (OR = 3.733 ; CI = 1.016-13.718), sosio-economic status (OR
= 0.126; CI = 0.028-0.557), parity (OR = 1.485; CI = 0.409-5.393), upperarm
circumference (OR = 4.413 ; CI = 0.668-29.141), disease during pregnancy (OR = 0.132;
CI = 0.026-0.670), frequency of antenatalcare  (OR = 0.804; CI = 0.2362.733)Conclusions: The analysis  result showed that the variables
which effect in low birth Weight Were employment,  sosio-economic status, and disease during pregnancy,but Education, parity, upper circumference and frequency of antenatalcare not effect in low birth Weights.

Keywords : Occupation, social economic status, Disease during pregnancy, low Birth

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