International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya, Seminar Nasional Kesehatan 2015

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Analisis Kandungan Boraks Pada Pentol Ikan Yang Dijual Di Kantin Sekolah Dasar Dan Perilaku Pedagang Di Kecamatan Sukolilo Kota Surabaya Tahun 2015
Umi Rahayu, Suci Rahajeng Wijaya Putri, Winarko .

Last modified: 2017-04-06


Chemical hazards exist due to the use of food additives that exceeds limit. One of the harmful
chemicals is Borax. Borax cause toxic effects in humans if it accumulates in brain, liver, kidney and fat
tissue. The purpose of this study is to analyze borax detected in fish balls sold in elementary schools in
Sukolilo Subdistrict,Surabaya 2015.
This is a cross sectional designed research. Data was collected done by interview, observation,
organoleptic test, and laboratory test. 42 fish balls from 7 schools in Sukolilo Subdistrict were used as
Result shows that fish balls physical quality (organoleptic) were in good criteria from sellers A
and C (28.57%) and very good (71.42%). Result of laboratory qualitative analysis of borax in 42 fish
balls showed that 14.28% was positive and 85.72% was negative. Fish balls with positive borax was
obtained from 6 samples of seller A. 4 (57.14%) sellers got pretty good level of knowledge about  borax.
Respondents’ attitude about borax was good for 4 (57.14%) people.  Respondents’ action toward borax
was mostly good (85.7%).
The conclusion of this study indicates that physical quality of the fish balls was very good.
Qualitative analysis on borax presence in fish balls was mostly negative and sellers’ behavior was mostly
quite good. Sellers are suggested to be careful in choosing foods suitable for consumption by observing
its appearance, smelling it, tasting it, and pressing its texture.

Keywords: Borax, Fish Balls, Sellers Behavior

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