International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya, Seminar Nasional Kesehatan 2015

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Penyediaan Air Bersih Dari Limbah Cair Rumah Tangga
Suroso B.Eko Warno, Hadi Suryono, Suprijandani .

Last modified: 2017-05-16


Increased need for clean water when it is not matched with the availability of sufficient raw water, wlil
cause water scarcity. Domestic wastewater is an environmental problem because in quantity and quality
can impair human health, disrupt the lives of other living creatures, polluting the environment, disruptions
to aesthetics, as well as damage to items / objects. Domestic wastewater can be processed to produce
clean water that can be reused to meet the needs by building a wastewater treatment plant households.
This study aimed to determine changes in the quality of domestic wastewater after processing the
coagulation system, filtration with a contact time of 0 minutes 120 minutes, using the parameters:
Detergents, BOD, COD, TSS, organic substances, and pH. The purpose of this study to determine the
effectiveness of the coagulation-filtration in treating domestic wastewater, as well as the role of the length
of time the waste contact with the coagulant and filter the results achieved in the treatment of domestic
wastewater. Steps taken drain the liquid waste is households into a coagulation bath of water plus lime
(CaOH2) and alum, then drain the water into the tub containing filtration fibers, sand, red brick with a
contact time of 120 minutes. Laboratory results obtained in the form of reduced levels of detergent =
12.8% = 17.2% BOD, COD = 29.93%, TSS = 66.6% = 40.89% Organic substances, pH = 17.64%
It can be concluded that the treatment of household wastewater by coagulation and filtration systems
provide a significant effect in lowering the content of pollutants, so as to improve the quality of domestic
wastewater before it is released into the environment. Suggested uses lime, alum, Ijuk, sand, brick red for
treating domestic wastewater should be promoted through education and socialization, as well as
providing an example directly to the people collectively.

Keywords: household wastewater, coagulation, filtration, contact time

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