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Nana Usnawati, Maria Retno Ambarwati

Last modified: 2016-12-05


Background. Child rights convention states that children are entitled to health and basic welfare, such
immunization. Immunization coverage in Magetan regency has been already well, however adverse events
following immunization (AEFI) will be increased along with the increasing of the coverage. Midwives have an
important and strategic role in the implementation of immunization. The purpose of this study is to determine
the competence (knowledge, attitudes, and skills) safe injection by midwives in the implementation of
This research is a descriptive study with cross sectional design to determine the competence of safe
injection by midwives in the implementation of immunization in Magetan district. The population is all
midwives in Magetan district, with a sample size of 30 people. The research variables were competence safe
immunization injection which includes knowledge, attitudes and skills. Competent if you had the knowledge,
attitude and good skills. Data collected by questionnaires knowledge and attitudes, skills with checklists through
observation. The data collection is conducted in May 2014. The data is processed and presented in the form of a
frequency distribution and percentage.

Most midwives have a good category in sub-variables of knowledge, attitudes and skills of safe
injection of immunization. Most midwives are competent on the competence of the safe injection of
immunization. On further research needs to be studied more in depth about the behavior of the midwife, the
obstacles encountered by midwives when they work, as well as the impact of the services carried out on the
immunization program. Health Department should conduct coaching to all midwives in order to keep good
midwife competence, through periodic supervision.

Keywords: Midwife, Immunization, Competence, Safe Injection

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