International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya, International Conference

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Hilmi Yumni Yumni, Endang Ninik, Intim Cahyono

Last modified: 2016-11-29


Background: Improved health of  the infant to be part of the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable
Development Goals) in the year 2015-2030. Government policies to reduce the infant mortality rate in Indonesia
is increasing breastfeeding Exclusive. The Community Health Center in Gresik which has not managed to
achieve the target of exclusive breastfeeding is Community Health Center Nelayan in Gresik. The purpose of this
study is to provide lessons learned for health centers that have not yet reached the target of exclusive
Method The strategy was the strengthening of social capital, building commitment, digging early behavior,
capacity building and practice to become a facilitator. Media use mentoring module breastfeeding, pocket book.
The number of breastfeeding cadre was 20 people. Characteristics of breastfeeding cadre entirely female.
Commitment built in the early interactions are mostly good. Breastfeeding cadre good ability aspects of
knowledge, skills and attitudes mostly good and an increase in measured through pre-test and post-test. Increased
confidence and integrity that grows and awoke in the process of practice to become a facilitator.
Results The Health cadre is the reinforcing factor in improving behavior, the results of this activity illustrates
that the revitalization of the role of breastfeeding in the community cadres can help health workers to run the
program performance improvement efforts exclusively breastfeeding. The involvement of breastfeeding cadres
also intended to build a sense of compassion in the community and it is a social capital that is quite effective in
improving the quality of maternal and child health.

Key Words : Revitalization, breastfeeding cadre, Maternal and Child Health

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